Pasta salad with salmon, chive and zucchini, #nomayonnaise

Gragnano Pasta is famous all over the world for its rich taste. They produce it by using durum wheat semolina and the special local water. In the past times, Gragnano was called “the City of Macaroni” and now the PGI label is rewarding its absolute quality.

Vesuvio is a new shape of Pasta and I received it as a gift when I visited the “Pastai Gragnanesi “stand in Florence, during the

Taste Food Exhibition. Special thanks to my boss: Franco Pastore and to “Pastai Gragnanesi”.


250 g Pasta di Gragnano, Vesuvio

200 g fresh salmon or frozen (or canned, if you’re in a hurry)

200 g cream cheese

1 zucchini

125 g low fat yoghurt

Chive 3 tablespoons

1 tablespoon mustard

extra virgin oil

salt and pepper


Cook pasta, drain.

Boil salmon, drain.

Chop zucchini, heat a non-stick pan, add oil then cook zucchini.

Mix mustard, yoghurt, cream cheese and chopped chive.

In a large bowl, combine pasta, sauce (cheese, yoghurt, chive), salmon and zucchini.

Serve immediately or keep cool.

Background music: “Purple rain”, by Prince. Good bye Prince.

#pastadigragnano #freshpastasalad #pastasalad #pastanewshape @gragnanovesuvio #mirnarossirecipe #lightpastarecipe #healthypastarecipe #pastaigragnanesi


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