Vegetarian super burger

Vegetarian super burger


This healthy recipe is perfect if you’re on a diet: it’s light and it satisfies your hunger. Select high quality ingredients, since they’re the secret of its success.


Lentils 1 cup

Black Rice ½ cup

Dried tomatoes in oil 8 (8 half dried tomatoes)

1 Red Pepper

1 carrot

1 onion

Cream cheese ½ cup

Balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon

Salt, pepper

Extra Virgin oil

Oregano, if not already present in dried tomatoes

Bicarbonate 1/2 coffee spoon

How to

You do not have to soak lentils, but wash them carefully, then toast in a pan together with oil and thinly sliced carrots and onions. Add bicarbonate, boil with 3 cups water until lentils are cooked but still crispy and add salt just a few minutes before they’re ready. Make sure to drain well after cooking.

Wash the red pepper, cut into thin slices, heat a non-stick pan, add oil (2 teaspoons) and cook until soft, add salt and pepper.

Boil black rice until cooked and drain well after cooking. Put into a bowl and add oil (1 teaspoon).

Meanwhile, put the dried tomatoes into the food processor, mix well then add the cream cheese.

Take a cooking ring (you can do two versions, one with red peppers on top, the other with the cheese/tomato cream on top, see the photos for different results) select the shape you prefer, then put black rice and press, add lentils and press, add red peppers. Finally, spread the cheese and dried tomato cream. Remove the ring, add the balsamic vinegar, serve.

As an alternative you can alternate: black rice, lentils, cheese/dried tomatoes cream and red peppers.

Add vinegar as you please, serve hot or cold. It’s a wonderful alternative to a pasta salad; excellent during Summer months.

Backgroundmusic: “The Scientist”, cover by Willie Nelson

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