Millet, pepper & aubergines, smoked scamorza (or smoked tofu).

Today I visited my mother and she said a farmer donated her some vegetables and she wanted to share them together with me. I went home and opened the kitchen cabinet while wondering: “so, what do I cook today for my vegetarian daughter?”. I took a pack of millet, then reminded of some leftovers of smoked cheese in the fridge. I thought, if I cook everything well, I can get a great taste from this almost “for free” recipe (in short, I just paid the millet, cheese, salt, pepper and oil, how much is it? 4 €? maybe less).

Marta said it was tasteful, delicious, light and original; what is more, I was happy to see her approval.

#mirnarossirecipe #cheaphealthyvegetableseasy #mile #vegetarian


100 g  millet

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

2 aubergines

1 smoked cheese (scamorza)

salt & black pepper

4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil


You do not have to soak the millet. Wash it, then heat a pan, drop 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, add the mile and toast. Toasting gives it a nuttier flavor and a greater depth. After 2 minutes, add 3 cups of water (do not add salt at this moment). Boil until millet is cooked but still crispy and add salt just a few minutes before it’s ready. Add water if it needed, but do not exceed, since the procedure is similar to that of risotto.

Meanwhile, cut the vegetables into stripes, heat a non-stick pan, add oil, drop the vegetables, cover with a lid, cook at high temperature. Get the lid off and lower the temperature. Add salt, mix well until cooked. Add grounded black pepper. It takes about 10/15 minutes. Same cooking time of the millet.

Cut the smoked cheese into thin slices (or the smoked tofu).

Take a dish and place a layer of cheese, then  millet, then vegetables. Go ahead and place another layer of cheese, then millet and vegetables. Add a few leaves of parsley. Serve.

Background music: “Everybody hurts”, by R.E.M


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