Red cabbage vegetarian sushi rolls – 2 recipes for 1!

This recipe is easy, tasteful, cheap and most of all, a colored one. I love seasonal food, because it grants the highest values in terms of nutrients, 0 km emissions and helps local farmers.


Let’s go.

2 recipes for 1!

Recipe 1.

Ingredients – Serves 3

1/2 head of organic red cabbage

1 cup uncooked organic small black lentils

10 dried tomatoes (10 half)

100 g ricotta cheese (or other spread cream as you like)*

salt and pepper

2 boiled carrots

fresh chive 1 tablespoon (or dried chive)

* for a vegan version, you may use the same amount of grounded tofu, I tried it and it works fine.


You do not have to soak these small black lentils, but wash them carefully, then boil with 3 cups water. Add bicarbonate. Boil until lentils are cooked but still crispy and add salt just a few minutes before they’re ready. Make sure to drain well after cooking. Put into a bowl.

Boil 2 liters of salted water in a large pot, meanwhile, take the cabbage leaves and place them into the water. There should be enough water to completely cover the cabbage. Boil for a few minutes or until leaves easily break off, then drain well and set them aside to cool. You should have 10-12 large leaves. If you wish, you can keep the thickest ones for cooking another dish (see next recipe).

Take the cooled black lentils, add salt (if needed) and pepper, then add ricotta, mix.

Line up the cabbage leaves on a cutting board, put the lentil mix and dried tomatoes at the center and the chive. Roll up and press. Cut the slices, put on a dish together with carrots, other dried tomatoes and chive. Serve.

Recipe 2.

How to use the thickest leaves.

You can use the same filling made of lentils and ricotta, but simply add bits of cheese (hard-type cheese as you please, if you used tofu, you do not have to add further ingredients).

Take you cabbage and lay on a cutting board, then put your lentils-hard-cheese-ricotta dough at the center of each. Take another leaf an cover. It doesn’t matter if they do not perfectly match, just press.

Warm a non-stick pan and grease with extra-virgin oil (you do not have to fry them, but cook at high temperature), arrange your cabbage wraps next to each other. Do not cover. Cook them until they’re brown on both sides, then turn the stove off.

Serve, they’re crispy and delicious like a vegetable “schnitzel”.

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