Barley, pumpkin, and hazelnuts

Barley, pumpkin, and hazelnuts 

Vegetarian recipe.

For this recipe, you can use leftover barley or boil it on purpose and add pumpkin (better if leftover from other recipes, since you need a small amount) and potato.

Serves 3



Barley 1 cup

Water 3 cups

Boiled potato 1, dice chopped

Pumpkin 150 g, dice chopped

Hazelnuts 20 g

Extra virgin oil 2/3 teaspoons

Bicarbonate ½ teaspoon

Salt and Pepper

Grated Parmigiano cheese – optional – 2 teaspoons


Check if you have to soak barley, then wash and boil it with 3 cups water. Add bicarbonate. Boil until barley is cooked but still crispy and add salt just a few minutes before it’s ready. Drain well after cooking, but leave ¼ cup of its cooking water.

Meanwhile, boil potatoes; just drop your dice chopped potatoes into boiling water; they will be ready within a few minutes. Cook pumpkin (bake it or cook on a non-stick pan).

Mix barley, cooked potatoes, and pumpkin; add oil and boil for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, chop hazelnuts into small pieces and toast on a non-stick pan by using a small amount of extra virgin oil.

Drop barley, potatoes, and pumpkin into a serving bowl. Add chopped Parmigiano cheese and toasted hazelnuts; leave to stand for 2/5 minutes and serve.

Background music: “Uprising, by Muse


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