Barley and dried peas soup

Vegetarian recipe (vegan if you do not use cheese).
 photo SDC13919_zpsctzcdtct.jpg


½ cup uncooked barley

¼ cup uncooked dried peas

2 and ½ cups water

sodium bicarbonate ½ teaspoon

1 onion, dice chopped

2 small carrots, dice chopped

1 potato, diced, sliced (or 2 small ones)

2 teaspoons grated Parmigiano cheese (optional)

1 chopped slice of Asiago cheese or Fontina cheese or other cheese as you like (or leftover cheese)

Salt and pepper

extra virgin oil

Serves 3


Drop oil into the pan, add the onion and cook slowly until they become transparent, you may add 1 teaspoon of water and cover, to get a better result. Carefully wash barley and dried peas, drop into the pan (do not move it from heat), mix together with the onion, add bicarbonate and water. Add carrots and mix. Simmer for about 25 minutes and mix frequently (cooking time depends on the quality of barley) . Add salt, mix and add the chopped potato. Add water if needed and cook 10 minutes. Barley should remain crispy. In the end, add Parmigiano cheese and pepper. Drop into a serving bowl. Add chopped Asiago cheese and leave to stand for 5 minutes.

Background music: “California” (There is not end to love), by U2.

Background music: “The importance of being idle”, by Oasis.


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