Aubergine rolls -vegetarian recipe.

Aubergine rolls -vegetarian recipe.

Do you have a bit of steamed white beans? If the answer is yes, this recipe is perfect for you.

Serves 3


150 gr steamed white beans (or canned beans)

1 teaspoon oil

150 gr Philadelphia cheese or other cheese spread

salt and pepper

1 aubergine (grilled aubergines are fine, too)

tzaztiki sauce (or 3 teaspoon fresh yogurt, 1 cucumber, oil, salt and garlic)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees (static mode).

Wash aubergines and cut thin slices.

Line the baking tray or a pan with parchment paper. Arrange aubergines so that they do not overlap each other, add oil here and there; bake for 12 minutes, then 5 minutes in fan mode.

Drop beans and cheese into the food processor, mix and add pepper or salt (if needed).

Spread a generous layer of the filling on top of each aubergine slice, then roll. Add the yogurt sauce* and serve with tomatoes or fresh salad.

* for the yogurt sauce, just mix all ingredients inside the food processor.

Background music: 21st Century breakdown – live in Tokio 2009, by Green Day.


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