For more than twenty years, I have been working as a cook and I have had a passion for pastry. I did that job before the “Masterchef” series, before molecular cooking and before the economic downturn. While I’m cooking, I think I’m doing that for my daughter, or for my family. It’s an alternative way to spread love, it’s the shape

of passion and the source of life. Food also represents the values of our days, it is the symbol of wealth or a sign of defeat. “2Muchfood” means food for a few, opposite to scarcity of many others; it’s famine in front of waste. I’m from Italy, the homeland of good food, with a variety of traditional and healthy recipes; climate, land and sea generated such miracle. During the last years, the Mediterranean sea has become the grave of thousand people escaping from famine and from wars. At the same time, a lot of Italian volunteers are trying to save people from the sea waters. I remember the topics we studied during the “macroeconomics” course, at Uopeople, under the supervision of Professor Woldie. We also studied the “Malthusian trap” (see also here and here) and we discussed whether we really escaped from the poverty threat.  I think we are not.

This site is dedicated to all those who still have a hope.

Background music: Green Day, “21 guns”.

Image courtesy of Marco Miccoli  (official website here).


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